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Do all ginger males have oversized nipples?
My friend tells me that my nipples are the size are large pepperonis. Is it all just gingers, or is it just me?
What kind of question is this, seriously?

I have red hair and my nipples are quite dainty.

Edit: Oh you said all ginger MALES. Oh well I highly doubt it.
You see,my name is Emily thompson. My chiuahua has oversized nipples on her second row. Is she going to die?
her eyes are also weepy and slightly puffy. the upper nipples (2nd) seem to have a bloated ring beneath the end (sort of a middle ring) on both and none of the others. She has not ever been with a male dog and has not been littered. thank you!
if doggy is old, maybe. take doggy to vet and see if there is anything wrong with doggy.
I have oversized nipples?
my nipples are very puffy and soft. there honestly almost the size of a pingpong ball and they stick out as well. im 16 weigh 210 i see much larger guys with no problems like this so idk what to do. talked to a doctor and they took blood samples and havent done anything and that was a year ago
That doesn't sound too bad. Other men have it worse so don't worry.
My Oversized Nipples From Hell?
How gross would it be to see a person with a nipple sticking out as much as mine do at the pool?

Nice diagram. Don't sweat it. I'm sure your nipples are fine. If you're that concerned, where an undershirt. When at the pool, remember that everyone has body image issues and that they are more concerned with their own image than yours.
Do I have oversized nipple glands?
I am actually slender/skinny and my weight is fine, but behind both of my nipples there are these hard gland like balls, and they sort of make my nipples stick out and look faded, and sometimes they sag... how can I fix this problem?
i think you should go to the doctor and check it out.
Where can I find a Nipple Barbell that is long enough to go thru both nipples?
I saw a woman with one last summer at the beach and I've looked everywhere online but had no luck. It looks like a oversized barbell about 5 inches long. It was long enough to go thru one nipple and the other. Please let me know where I could find one if you know.
It was probably custom made, and for a high quality piece, you're looking at about £300 for it.

Contact anometal, metal mafia, anyone really, but it's going to cost you!
Anyone have a problem with oversized vaginal lips? :)?
i have since i had my second guy as well as oversized nipples.
Large labia are not a "problem" unless they're causing you extreme discomfort. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, and virtually every single type is normal and lovely.

I'd say it's likely due to the hormones from your pregnancy. Larger nipples are common, though I've never heard of enlarging labia. Maybe worth asking your GYN?
How long is it going to take to get my body back to normal?
It has been 12 weeks and I still have the line on my stomach. I had a c-section and I wasn't able to breastfeed. I still have the oversized nipples. Is it going to stay like this or is it going to look normal again at some stage
Unfortunately, your body will never be the same. You can improve in some areas from diet and exercise. Exercise is really good to firm you up. I haven't heard of any exercises to change the size of nipples though. You need to re-define NORMAL after giving birth. Sorry!
My really oversized nipple...?
My right nipple ( i28.tinypic.com/11sf882.jpg ) has been the bane of my existence, i have NEVER been able to go the pool. the beach or play sports topless without having to cover it, for fear of being made fun of. I am so embarassed by it that i'm pretty sure this has affected my confidence. Doctors have not been able to tell me what it is. Do you? Do you have this? You do / did you deal with this? Can I get surgery done on it? Is it expensive? And question for the women: do you find it repulsive? Thank you for your time.

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