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What should you do if you spot your wife at a swingers club?
I recently spotted my wife at a swinger's club in the act of engaging in lewd acts with multiple partners simultaneously. I was so shocked I ran out of the club speechless. I love her dearly but I find such behavior difficult to excuse and I have trouble with the idea that she was frequenting such a place. How should I discuss this with her to make her repent?
What were you doing in a swingers club. You both sound a little off to me. You are married.
Should I let my friends know that me and my wife are swingers?
We've been in the lifestyle for over a year and don't want to keep it under wraps anymore... Any experienced swingers out there got any input?
My input: While there is nothing wrong with the lifestyle, I don't see what good would come from telling your friends. If they specifically ask, then maybe you could tell them. As a swinger, you are used to using your own discretion, but remember that your friends don't necessarily feel the need to keep the same discretion.

I would only tell your friends if :1) you are absolutely sure they won't judge you based on this; 2) they will be discrete about this news, and keep it to themselves; and, 3) they already suspect that this is the case. Otherwise, I see no reason to tell them.

Granted, swinging doesn't carry the stigma it once did, but there are still plenty of ******* out there that will judge you for it. But, if it makes you feel better, maybe you could resolve yourselves to not hiding that information any more. Doesn't mean you need to tell everybody, but if the subject arises, go ahead and let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. As long as the first two guidelines above are met.
I would like with my wife to join some Swingers Cruise in Adriatic sea.Do you know any website ? Thanks?
I would like to join some Swingers Cruise in Adriatic sea, together with my wife. If somebody knows some interesting websites where we can find Swingers Cruise in Europe - Adriatic sea, please send to us.
Thanks in advance,
Me and my husband took a part last season at swingers cruise in Montenegro and Albania. This is not mass swingers cruise on what we were before, but much more intimate where you can feel the warmth of friendship of other couples. There were six couples on the swingers cruise of 7 days. We tried sex everywhere around: on the deck, in Jacuzzi, on wild beaches,...With 3 couples we have continued friendship and meeting, so next season we will also be on the same swingers cruise. The only negative thing is that we came back with 2 kg of excess weight. Because that, our advice to self control when food is concern :).
What kind of clothes should my wife and I wear to a swingers club? Site Links?
We are planning to go to our first swingers club and are trying to figure out what to wear (or not to wear). Don't want to show up under-dressed
the club is the Pleasure Garden in Philadelphia.
Links to any sites or even actual outfit suggestions are appreciated.
She is med build very athletic build, He is the same.
DO NOT wear jeans to a swing club or party.

Men: Slacks, button shirts, leather shoes (NO athletic shoes).
Women: Skirts, dresses, slacks, heels, nice blouse.

Bring a party bag with the following: Robes, wraps, hygiene necessities, etc.
I just want real imformation about swingers and how my wife and I can become swingers?
We are only curious and would like more detailed answers to the questions we may have before deciding to try it. We don't know where to begin.
This is the website my wife and I belong to. Not as crude as most, and there's a lot of good information in the forums:


We swing when we feel like it, and have been doing so for four years. Swingers take good care of themselves, health wise. The incidence of STD among swingers is far lower than the national average, so is their divorce rate.

Swinging can't hurt a good, honest marriage. It will damage anything less.
If you and your wife are swingers does the act means you comitt adultery?
in other words i still want to sleep with other wome after marriage if my wife is into threesomes would that make it adultery to bring another woman into the bedroom
Well of course it is, but what do swingers care about adultery? You are a strange one.
How can my wife and find swingers or bisexual people in muscat oman ,?
tried lots of web sites here but had no look most are blocked here anyways
Maybe no swingers or bi's, but how about all them goats, huh? Yeah baby!.................... Be the optimist in the room.
What are some good sites to meet Swingers and like minded couples to share my wife with?
Looking for places to find swinging couples in my area.
Try one of these sites, we use them all the time to meet people.
Some are free, some are trials, etc.
But they are all good sites, with real couples.
Good luck!

Zoig! - Amateur Photo and Video Sharing
Swingular - Not bad
SDC Swingers List - Alright
SwingLifestyle - Good!
My wife wants to go to a swingers club because she said those places are fun just to dance. What should I do?
Should we just go or should I confront her and tell her that I think she is wanting to gradually get me there and eventually she wants some other D on the side? Or should I believe her when she says that they are fun places to go out and dance at?
What would it hurt to go? It might be a lot of fun to flirt with other people. If things get out of hand,or you begin to feel uncomfortable tell your wife that you're ready to leave. Swingers aren't horrible people, they just like to have fun.

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